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Alola is a peaceful region - lush nature, a rich and unique culture, a popular vacation spot for trainers and their pokemon. But the peace gets disturbed

one day, when the daughter of the Aether Foundation's president saves a legendary pokemon from getting experimented on. The supposedly harmless research- and conservation facilty has been trying to open up portals to

a different dimension in secret, with the help of the legendary pokemon

Cosmog. And when the hero of the story meets the supposed "kidnapper"

Lillie, it becomes clear they have to protect Cosmog and unravel its secret together, before Lillie's mother Lusamine and her foundation can find them.


On their journey, Lillie and the player are accompanied by Hau, a cheerful, young trainer on his island challenge. As the grandson of the "Island King" Hala, he tries his best to live up to his grandfather and get strong enough to become the next Kahuna one day. Lillie begins to form a strong bond to Hau and the player character, and the timid girl slowly grows the courage to stand up for herself. The region's professor Kukui also accompanys the kids and regularly keeps an eye out for them, especially Lillie, who he made his assistant after taking her in. But an old rival of Kukui seems to have a bone to pick with them...


Constantly the group gets into conflict with a gang of runaways and troublemakers: Team Skull and their leader Guzma, an aggressive bug-type user with self-destructive tendencies. This unstable young man has been working for Lusamine in secret, with the mission to bring Cosmog and her daughter back to her. When they successfully steal Cosmog and force it to use its powers, Guzma blindly follows Lusamine into Ultra Space, who has made him obedient by being the first adult to aknowledge his skills as a trainer. But Ultra Space is a dark and disturbing place. When Lillie and the protagonist save him and Lusamine from the dark dimension, he leaves the place a changed man, having experienced pure fear for the first time. Especially Lusamine has to suffer the consequences of her actions: A dangerous and posessive pokemon called Nihilego has poisoned her in Ultra Space. Lillie has to say goodbye to her friends, as she decides to leave Alola with her mother in order to get the right treatment for her in Kanto.

Guzma disbands his gang and returns back home to his parents, until he crosses paths with the protagonist once more and challenges her to a final battle. But they seem to have an audience: Sensing a shift in Guzmas behavior, his old master Hala shows up after their match and decides to take his former student under his wing once more. Guzma gets the chance to redeem himself and we're left with an open ending.

This is where the comic series starts to pick off.

What happens in

Pokemon SUN&MOON

~a quick summary for context~

Hau and his grandfather Hala

Guzma with his partner pokemon Golisopod

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