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Character Design

Storyboard for a scrapped animated short to promote an upcoming children's novel series featuring the gardendragons.

Character Design

Pokemon fan-project about Gladion, a teen who has to take over his mother's organisation when she falls ill and his sister brings her to another region for treatment.


This short takes place after Gladion finds his lost father on an island with amnesia, where he has made a new home for himself and has created a daycare for pokemon. Seeing his Dad so happy with his new life, Gladion hesitates to tell him about his true identity and instead begins to regularly visit him, running from his own responsibilities with the Aether Foundation. The longer he spends time with his father, the more he reflects on his relationship with his parents and how their organisation's focus has heavily shifted since his father's disappearance. Will he decide to restore his parents' conservation organisation to its former glory? Or will he give in to the Branch Chief's plans to expand on the research program that tore his family apart in the first place?

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